Washington University Co-op's

Cervantes Free University &

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Mission Statement

Current Faculty:

Jerome Bauer (CFU)
Tremaine Combs (CFU)
Doyle Cozadd (CLC)
Christina Danielle McIntosh-Nulle (CLC)
Rob Murray (CLC)
James Oreman (CLC)
Alyse Rothrock (CLC)
Harriet Shanle (CLC)
Jim Signor (CFU, CLC)

Outreach Associates:

Jim Signor
Martin Wheeler



Jerome Bauer has taught comparative religion, cooperative education, and environmental humanities at Washington University in St Louis for eight years. He has also taught South Asian studies at the University of Pennsylvania and religious studies at Fontbonne. Dr. Bauer received his PhD "with distinction" in 1998 from the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. He studied Jain philosophy and karma doctrine at the L.D. Institute of Indology in Ahmedabad, India, and spent a rainy season studying with the Jain scholar-monk Muni Jambuvibayaji. He is the author of numerous publications on Indology and Jain Studies. Jerome will teach his entire repertoire of 20+ courses through CFU/LC, upon request. In addition to his popular signature courses, "Karma and Rebirth," "Hindu Civilization," "Hndu Medicine and Indian Food," "Yoga Traditions," and "Multifocus: Cooperative Living, Community Building, and Sustainability," he will offer two new seminar courses in Autumn 07, "Hindu Goals of Life: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha" and "The University of Utopia." Sanckrit and Pali classes are also available.

Tremaine Combs majored in Religious Studies at Washington University in St Louis. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in '04, and earned his MDiv from Eden Theological Seminary in '07. He teaches Theological Inquiry in CFU.

Doyle Cozadd earned his Bacheor's degree from Central Christian College, where he became interested in Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and Carloa Castaneda. He has worked as a high school coach, a science teacher, and has worked for Washington University and Habitat for Humanity. Doyle teaches Qi Gong and Kung Fu at CLC.

Christina Danielle McIntosh-Nulle, United States Army, earned a Bachelor's degree from Washington University in St Louis in 2004. She is now a graduate student at Arizona State University, and is writing a book about intellectual property rights. She will be teaching a distance learning course on Intellectual Property Rights, via YouTube or some other video-conferencing technology. The course will last five weeks, from October to November.

Rob Murray is a skilled carpenter and mason who formerly resided in St Louis's CoLibri Co-op. He is now an active member of the WashU Co-op, and leads a discussion group on Harry Potter, a topic on which he has an encyclopedic knowledge. He started an open Facebook Group, "I dont know what to do now that Harry Potters over!!!" Rob is a serious cinema buff and an aficionado of American popular culture. He is also an expert gardener. Rob has recently enrolled in Forest Park Community College.

Alyse Rothrock earned a Bachelor's Degree from Washington University in St Louis in 2006. She was active with the WashU Co-op in its infancy, when we were a rotating pot luck society without a building to live in. Alyse helped organize the Co-op's Earth Day celebration, "Something Green," in Sping 2004. She has studied in Nicaragua, and now works with several orgnaic farms in the St. Louis area. She teachers Herbal Medicine in the CLC.

Harriet Shanle studied home economics for two years at St Mary's Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. She has done market research for 35 years with Peter's Industries, including service as field coordinator. She has over 60 credits from Washington Unversity's University College, in political science, history, psychology, and religious studies. Harriet has long been an active member of Washington University's Catholic Students' Center, and has a strong commitment to ecumenical dialogue. She has been a long-time supporter of the WashU Co-op, giving us tips on cooking, home economica, and hygiene, and participating in the Co-op's Social Thought Reading Groups. She teaches home economics workshops (apple pie baking, bread making), and will teach a course on Market Research, and another on Practical Cooking.

James Oreman has studied world religions since around 1990, mostly Taoism and Buddhism. He spent extended time at Monasteries in UK and California, usually ten days to three months.  He was a monk for ten days doing a "rains retreat" at the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara in Westmidlands UK. James does classes based on Theravada monastic traditions. Insight meditation, mindful walking, loving kindness meditation, and discussion of spirituality in daily life. He will help with networking and publicity. For his course syllabi and updates, please see his MySpace profile,  http://www.myspace.com/bodidhama 

Jim Signor earned an MEd in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri, St Louis in 1995. He will teach courses on Interpersonal Communication and help with networking and publicity.

Martin Wheeler earned a Bachelor's degree in Classics from Washington University in St Louis. He studies Sanskrit at CFU, and helps with networking and publicity.