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"Don't Ask Permission. It's Your Education"

Who May Teach?

Anyone with a skill to share may teach in the Learning Cooperative. We facilitate the bartering of skills and services (e.g. one hour of hands-on bicycle maintenance training for one hour of math tutoring). To teach in the Free University, you must have a graduate degree from an accredited University, and/or some college teaching experience at an accredited institution. We are not accredited, although our instructors will write a detailed letter of evaluation if you wish, so that you may attmept to get credit from a formal educational institution. Cfu-lc.com also provides free web-hosting for self-study courses, and a free CV posting service for independent college teachers.

Who May Learn?

Anyone may learn through cfu-lc.com. Our courses and programs currently serve college and honors high school students, and anyone interested in continuing education and cooperative learning. If you are sincere about wanting to learn, and don't care about credit or money, the cfu-lc is for you!

What Does It Cost?

This depends upon the instructor, and the students' ability to pay. Some instructors in the Free University charge the same fee for all students, others use a sliding scale. Instructors are responsible for keeping track of money paid to them, and paying their own taxes on it, and for observing local zoning laws. CFU-LC is a networking service for free-lance teachers and tutors. There is no charge for Reading Groups in which everybody is a co-teacher.

Is There Really a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. If students are not satisfied, instructors are required to provide a full refund, except when an instructor is unemployed, or seriously underemployed, in which case between $5 and $20 a lesson may be exempt from this rule. "Tips" in excess of the agreed upon amount will be refundable.

Where is CFU-LC?

We are a nascent educational cooperative network, without a campus, although some classes will meet in one of four venues on the 6000 block of Pershing Avenue in St Louis, and others will meet on or near the Washington University campus. We are looking for other venues as well. Do you have a place, to lend, sell, or lease, for the short or long term?

When Do Your Classes Meet?

We use the same fifteen week semester system as Washington University in St Louis. Some classes, tutorials, and reading groups last five weeks. Generally we try to keep a uniform schedule.

Are you Affiliated with Washington University in St Louis? Can I Get WashU Credit?

No, we are not affiliated with Washu, except indirectly through the WashU Co-op. No university currently gives credit for cfu-lc courses, tutorials, or groups. If you don't care about money or credit, but just want to learn and teach, cfu-lc.com is for you!

Do You Plan to Incorporate as a Non-Profit?

Not at this time. We are "busy being born." Bureaucratic entanglemet may lead to stilbirth. However, we are keeping our options open.

Do You Accept Advertisements?

Yes. For a $50 donation, we will put your business or band's logo or icon on the sidebar to the left, with a link to your website, and list you as a "Sponsor." For an advertisement prominently displayed on our Index page, we will negotiate. We are definitely a non-profit philanthropic group, but we need help getting started.

Do You Have a Speech Code?

No, except we prohibit advocacy of hate crimes and genocide, and deceptive or coercive missionary or advocacy tactics. Instead of a selectively enforced "neutrality policy," we honor our own "pluralism policy," best expressed by Gene Rodenberry, "infinite diversity in infinite combinations."We have no hidden agenda."Truth alone prevails" (satyam eva jayate) is our motto.